Antenatal birth preparation classes in cornwall and devon

Welcome to the home of Joyful birth coaching

Down to earth, informative, personalised birth preparation, healing and support in Cornwall and Devon

121 personalised birth coaching that will transform the way you feel about your birth be it in the past or future.

Birth can be an amazing and wonderful experience for some, but for others birth brings up a different set of emotions, including that of anxiety and fear.

This may be due to past experience or a deep seated anxiety around anything medical or simply the unknown.

I offer practical guidance and support for the pregnant couple who want to feel positive about their birth, who for whatever reason have concerns, worries or anxiety attached to their birth and have a desire to move forwards in positivity and confidence.

No matter where you are planning to birth, hospital, home, birth centre or in a river if you wish, Joyful Birth coaching will guide you towards creating a calm birth environment, both practically and emotionally.

I never presume that I know what is best for you, but pull from a vast skillset to help you have all the information, skills and self-confidence to experience birth in a positive way, and a positive birth can be transformative in how you feel about yourself and your ability to cope with the challenges of parenthood.

Beyond just birth education I will coach you personally, looking into your own thoughts and fears, your own experiences, unpicking negative self-belief, and replacing it with strength and confidence. You will be provided all the education you may need pulling from active birth principles, but also utilising hypnobirthing techniques, meditation and mindfulness, as well as practical birth skills to include the ‘breathing techniques’ that will keep you calm and focussed, the vocalising techniques to release tension and some simple yet effective mindset techniques that will enable you to take this birth in your stride knowing you are informed, prepared, supported and able to make the right choices for you.

Warning, I tell it how it is, I have a tendency to swear and I don’t beat around the bush. I am not going to tell you how to give birth, will most likely mention both orgasms and vaginas, but then the 2 are very much linked in with having babies! I will ask you to delve deep into your own self to clear away your fears, but I am also always on hand to support this. I work with you, offering up ideas and solutions, information and advice, I listen to you and your needs. I am positive, I am informative, I am committed to helping you have a positive birth in the way that is right for you. All I ask of you is that same commitment to do the work.

“If you want to be strong before, during and after this birth then you need to put the time in now to prepare your mind and your body to get the birth that you want”