Antenatal birth preparation classes in cornwall and devon

About me

“I don’t consider my positive birth a thing of luck, I was confident, relaxed and prepared, and that is what gave me my positive birth”

Hi! I am Persephone, mum to my 2 lively and ‘spirited’ kids Charlie and Celestine. I live a quietly crazy life out on the Moors, surrounded by kids, cats, often builders, and the occasional errant cow. I adore living and working in Cornwall. As well as coaching pregnant couples in Cornwall and Devon I work as a holistic massage and reflexology therapist at massage on the moors.

My work and lifestyle probably tell the story that I am a little bit of a free spirit, which is true, I do practice yoga, am 80% vegetarian, I believe in peace love kindness and meditation, but I do say fuck a lot! On the flip side I enjoy my coffee strong and black, have a big soft spot for gin and champagne, believe that a fab haircut and beautiful lingerie can make a good day great, and also have a terrible netflix addiction!

“Fear most often comes from questions never asked”

I have always had a fascination with pregnancy and birth, through my work as a massage therapist I found the limitations I initially faced working within pregnancy frustrating, I specialise in back and pelvic problems, but could do very little with the pregnant women contacting me. So I trained with Suzanne Yates at wellmother to be able to support and help women during their pregnancies holistically and positively, but found I was leaving them at the last hurdle, the birth hurdle, which for many of us is a real big hurdle! Being a solutions person I decided to further my education with the amazing Janet Balaskas, the ‘godmother of active birth’ to enable me to continue my support from pregnancy to birth and beyond.

“Do not underestimate the power of a positive birth on your journey into parenthood”

On paper I have had 2 positive, easy births, but I honestly enjoyed my 2nd far more than my 1st, and I put that down to the honest, in depth personal work I did for the 2nd, after quite frankly feeling traumatised by the intensity and fear I felt in my 1st.

I had both my babies at home, in water with the support of my amazing midwife and friend Mandy Bellenger. My 1st birth I had decided on hypnobirthing, I had seen it on TV and it looked great, so I signed up for it, I did the work and thought it was that straight forward. But when it came down to it hypnobirthing wasn’t the right choice for me, I actually felt very conflicted with what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing, I hadn’t taken the time to research other options, I hadn’t looked at my own existing coping strategies, and was in all honesty terrified of things going wrong and having to transfer into hospital. I was so attached to my ‘ideal birth’ that any alternative was unthinkable. It was this fear and conflict, this need to control but actual lack of control that traumatised me, and I believe led on to me suffering low mood for 18 months after. It was this birth that robbed me of enjoying that 1st year of motherhood.

The journey I went on after this birth now very much influences what I do with couples. My journey led me through personal growth, lifestyle changes, a deeper understanding of the power and strength of the mind and our neurological wiring that affects our experience of events.

My 2nd birth was intense, fast, fun, noisy, not without some drama or swearing, but I can honestly say I loved every moment of it, I was fully present, I experienced every glorious sensation, I was confident to be vulnerable, and strong, I was able to let go of any attachment to an ideal birth and just allow it to roll out as it was meant to. I understood all my options, I trusted my body, and my mind to serve me well, and they did, and it was amazing!

“The important key to success is self-confidence, an important key to self-confidence is preparation”

It is this experience that makes me so passionate about supporting women and their partners to really understand their birth, really get to grips with their own strengths and weaknesses, and find the confidence and strength to take ownership of the decisions they may need to make surrounding their birth.

Along this journey I have also experienced trauma, anxiety and deep set fear around birth, I have felt it personally and come across it far too regularly professionally so have deepened the work that I do to help heal this pain to allow you to move forward in positivity, free from traumatic past events.

I believe that by offering realistic, personalised birth education to couples not only about how to ‘cope’ with labour and birth but to really understand what birth is about is the way to enable more people to experience the great joy that is a positive empowered birth experience, however and wherever you choose.

If your feelings around your birth are not serving you well, if you are feeling fearful, anxious or traumatised and want to change these feelings then I can help you.

I will help you to feel confident and wonderfully prepared for your birth, free from fear, worry and anxiety, allowing you to truly enjoy pregnancy, birth and motherhood.