Antenatal birth preparation classes for men in cornwall on Bodmin Moor nr Launceston

Antenatal Birth Preparation - Doula Dads

So you only went and did it, made a baby! It’s in there, growing every day, you see your partner changing before your eyes. It’s amazing, sometimes it’s a little bit weird, but mainly amazing!

You are completely blown away by how great your partner has been, both strong and vulnerable, and actually growing a little person, wow!

So now it’s up to you, up to you to support and keep safe, guide and protect both your partner and this new little life. You are up for this challenge, but you know that you need to get some help with this, because let’s face it, what do you know about pregnancy, birth or babies!

You have a book for men, it was the only one you could find for men in amongst the 200 for women! It’s ok, but you have lots of questions, and just really want to do your best, after all you are gonna be a dad, and dads rock!

So what is a Doula Dad, and do you want to be one?

A doula is a person who provides emotional and physical support during pregnancy and childbirth. Doulas are not medical professionals. They don't deliver babies or provide medical care. Therefore any daddy can be a ‘doula’ for his partner with the proper coaching and support! So if you want to be the person who is supporting your partner throughout her labour, confident in yours and her ability to do this thing then yes you do want to be a daddy doula!

I believe men play a key role in enabling a positive birth to happen, as when a couple truly understand each other and work together then that’s when the magic really starts to happen!

After the coaching you will:

  • Be confident to support and recognise the needs for different relaxation and breathing techniques.
  • Fully understand the Antenatal birth process, delivery procedures and possible complications.
  • Have been part of developing an informed and flexible birth plan.
  • Be able to confidently provide comfort and support during labour.
  • Be confident to use massage, reflexology and other complimentary techniques to help relax, rest or energise when needed.
  • Understand what positions may be more comfortable and provide optimal pelvic space.
  • Understand the importance of adequate fluids and nutrition for everyone and facilitate this with confidence.
  • Be the best advocate for your birthing partner, helping communicate preferences and desires to medical staff.

Everything you need to become the Doula Dad that you want to be will be covered in the private birth coaching.

¨I am so glad I got involved with the birth preparation course before my wife had a home birth. It made me feel so much more confident, more prepared and more involved with the whole experience. Thank you¨ - Mike

¨I felt I was prepared for the birth of daughter No.1, had read a load of books and been to all the antenatal classes , but after the birth, I realised I had not really been very well prepared and felt I had let my partner down a bit. What I now realise is that the whole childbirth education is obviously tailored to women, and actually, that there was very little information tailored for men as they prepare for their role in birth the birth. The Doula Dad approach really helped for daughter No.2. The birth partner has a massive influence on labour, and can affect how long it lasts, how painful it is, and whether interventions are needed or used.¨ - Christopher