How Donkey Dave and his crew can help you have an amazing birth

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by Persephone Moir


Now unfortunately Donkey Dave and his crew are not going to be coming into the birth centre with you to entertain you whilst you are in labour, I apologise (or perhaps that’s a good thing!!)

The reason Donkey Dave can help you with your birth is a simple mindset skill I have for you.

So I want you to skip through the labour bit, you have done your breathing, your swaying, some great moaning, possibly some marching and stamping, a lot of bouncing, gone through a bit of swearing (yes I am talking labour and not the Donkey Dave show, hmm interesting similarity though??)

You are now at the stage where your baby is coming down and out, the bit where you feel so intensely full of baby, the stretching bit, and there is a message here that we often hear

“The ring of fire” “I felt like I was going to split in two”

And it’s true, the moment your baby’s head starts to crown is pretty intense, and I am not going to lie to you, there may well be a point where you think, this isn’t going to come out of there, or have serious concerns for your clitoris, but it is also suddenly wonderfully real, tangibly close, you can feel your baby, there is an end in sight, you can actually do this, you are doing this, so why is it so scary? Because we have been told to fear it, because it is a point that our brain suddenly recognises as a bad bit, a bit to tense up about, a bit to just get over with and blow the consequences, just get it over with!

Now stop, breath, pull yourself together for a moment, I need you to relax and just read on.

I am now going to ask you to think of every social cliché about men’s dicks, every pornographic male image, the vast majority of dildo’s, they are as a general rule BIG! And that is apparently a good thing! Now whether we as women agree with this or not we are encouraged to see a big object in our vagina as a pleasurable sensation, yet when it comes to a baby gently stretching and filling our vagina that is apparently something to be feared.


We need to re wire our thinking, we need to accept the sensation of being full of baby as a wonderful and fulfilling sensation, as a pleasurable sensation.

Now I am not going to go all orgasmic birth on you, that’s for another day, but there is no denying that sex, sexual pleasure and making babies go together. There are so many links, from the basic biology of making babies, to the link between oxytocin (the hormone of orgasm and contractions amongst other things) Prostaglandins to soften and ripen the cervix (found in very high quantities in semen) To the fact your baby comes out of your vagina, one of the most sensitive and pleasurable parts of your body.

As women we need to reclaim this sensation as ours, as something we can truly embrace and revel in, by choosing to relax, be open to the sensations of fullness, to experience the sensation as powerful, as fulfilling as the ultimate sensation of birth, to not fear it and rush through it, but slow it down, take it easy, accept the sensual nature of the moment, the power of the moment. Be in control, breath, groan, moan, swear (I did, but it was a good swear, not a bad one) but don’t be scared.

Don’t fear the arrival of your baby, this is what you have wanted and waited for, this is what you have laboured for, this is your moment. Don’t let false words of fear take away your pleasure, relax, embrace, release, be vocal, shout it out and enjoy every damn wonderful moment of your body being stretched, and opening for your baby. It is amazing, you are amazing!

For more top mindset tips and techniques to change your fears into positives, to find your confidence with a combination of release, knowledge and support get in contact with me today and book your coaching session. Because birth is a big deal, and how you feel about your birth can shape your future.



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