Don't waste your money on birth classes

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by Persephone Moir


Don’t waste your money on birth classes!

What is a birth class? Is this somewhere they teach you to give birth? Will there be a test and certificate at the end that will mean you now know how to give birth? Is birth something you need to learn? A birth class would suggest that, a birth class kind of plays into that fear that if you don’t do it you might not know some secret technique that will give you that great birth, it feeds into that little fear you have that if you don’t do it and something “goes wrong” it will be in some way your fault.

Not so.

You don’t need to be taught to give birth. Our bodies and babies know instinctively how to give birth. There is no big secret that you will only find out if you pay £XXX to the ‘expert’ of birth.

So don’t waste your money on birth classes, and if anyone feeds you with fearful thoughts around birth that only they can help with, run a mile, they are not the person to help you!!

So if you don’t need a birth class when pregnant what do you need? If it so instinctive and natural why do so many births end in trauma? And why isn’t there some magic secret?!

Birth is a natural process, but just because it is natural that doesn’t necessarily mean it is not hard work, or intense, and yes sometimes plans change, but that doesn’t have to be traumatic, and actually there is one little magic secret that you may need to be told…you are strong enough to do it!

I don’t teach birth classes, I coach couples to be confident about their ability to birth, I help people release their fears around birth and parenting, I help people find their own power and confidence. I help people to make flexible plans so if plans do change they are still informed and able to navigate these new situations calmly and confidently.

You don’t need to learn to give birth, you do need to learn to trust in your body and the process of birth, and yes that does come from educating yourself about birth, the miracle that is happening, naturally.

You will benefit from understanding the role of your hormones during birth and what can encourage them to flow, and what will stop them in their tracks

You will benefit from understanding the anatomy of your pelvis, just so you understand that by creating optimal space for your baby to come through you are less likely to need interventions, and this is a simple one, quite simply by not laying on your back you allow the joints of the pelvis to open up and move as needed, creating up to 30% more space for baby to move through and down.

You will benefit from having a partner who is confident in their role as your birth support, who understands and respects the process of birth, who has had open and clear dialogue with you about your wants and wishes, who feels confident in their own ability to speak to medical professionals if needed, who feels confident that they can support you in the way that you need.

You will benefit from understanding how you can use simple coping strategies to stay calm, to stay focussed, and to stay positive.

You will benefit from a positive mindset about yourself, birth, and your ability to absolutely rock it!

So some of this stuff you can find out on google, there are some really great resources for hypnobirthing, and birth education, but you do need to be careful they are from reliable sources, again you need to be avoiding anything that makes you feel fearful or doesn’t make you feel totally capable!

And you can read some of the multitude of great birth books out there, Ina May Gaskin and Janet Balaskas are good authors.

Hypno birthing resources such as the calm birth school are easily accessible online as well!

You can choose to take another more in depth personalised step to preparing for birth and parenthood by working with somebody face to face, one to one, really giving you the confidence and personal support that you need to feel totally confident about your birth.

I don’t trade on fear, I want you all to know that you are totally capable of giving birth in a positive and empowered way. I tell you now that birth is not to be feared, and that you will rock your birth.

With the right support, with the right team of people supporting you, birth can and will be a positive and empowering experience for you.

So that’s why you don’t need to waste your money on birth classes, your body was born with that knowledge, much like breathing! But you can invest in yourself, you can invest in getting the support and clarity you need to feel calm and confident about your birth, because you really are worth that time and effort, I believe passionately in women’s ability to birth, and I want to share that belief with you and your partner, as it is this level of self-belief that will fire you up and give you the energy and passion, the trust in each other to be together and birth brilliantly.

If you don’t feel completely confident and calm about your upcoming birth, if you feel anxious, scared or worried it does not need to be like this. The work I can do with you which pulls from a variety of backgrounds include hypnotherapy, active birth, holistic bodywork, NLP and growth mindset techniques will release your fears and empower you with knowledge to give you the confidence to birth the way you want to birth, in positivity!

If you would like to know more then contact me and we can discuss your needs and work out a positive pregnancy and birth programme that is just right for you and your needs.

Positive birth, is within your reach, as it is within you.

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