Make your birth a cataylst for positive change

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by Persephone Moir


Making birth your catalyst for positive change




Birth changes us, there is no question about that. The outcome of birth, a baby, becoming a parent is one of the biggest changes that will ever happen in our lives, and a lot of focus is put on that change, we prepare for the arrival of the baby, decorate their bedroom, buy them clothes, somewhere to sleep, various different ways to transport them, and probably have a few minor panics about the overwhelming responsibility that is becoming a parent!


And there is now a trend to start preparing for said birth of baby, it is starting to be more and more recognised that birth matters, that it is important to prepare ourselves both physically and emotionally for birth, whether that be by going to a pregnancy yoga group, ante natal classes, hypno birthing, active birthing, or reading some books, it’s all good stuff, and the more you do the better, in my opinion you cannot over prepare for birth!


But because of this new understanding of the importance of birth, because of the availability of all this great education, all this information, I have a fear that we are losing touch with something really important, ourselves. Our needs and fears, our desires and worries, our very identity. It all becomes about birth and babies, but what about us, the woman who is behind all of this?


Pregnancy and birth has the potential to be a catalyst for our own personal growth. If we have the strength and courage to recognise our own real and personal weaknesses or fears that we become so vulnerable to during pregnancy and birth we have the opportunity to grow from them, to really understand ourselves, where we are coming from and what we need to do to be the best possible version of ourselves.


I work with women who are suffering due to a previous traumatic birth, and I so often find links between what happened during their birth to past events, as often the trauma felt most strongly isn’t in what happened physically, but how they were treated, how they were made to feel. A big trauma may be experienced during birth due to not being heard, not being listened to, feeling out of control and fearful of the outcome. This same event may be experienced by 2 women, but only one find it traumatising, the reason for that is for one of them previous events in her life where she has been not heard, not listened to, fearful of the outcome make her feel this 1000 times stronger.


In seeing this time and again I realise more strongly the importance of working deeply and personally on yourself when pregnant, the importance of lifting negative self-belief, of recognising past traumas and actually dealing with them, of journaling the shit out of your fears feelings and emotions, of releasing the grip of anxiety, of rewiring your brain into a place of peace, confidence and wellbeing.


So I am going to ask you 2 questions,


“How do you feel about your birth?”


“How do you want to feel about your birth?”


Are these 2 statements aligned?


If not then that is your signal to do something about it!!


If how you are currently feeling about your birth is not aligned with how you want to feel then you can choose to ignore it, or you can choose to do something about it!


I believe pregnancy opens us up for positive change, that is why we feel everything so strongly at this time, I put it to you that maybe your fear of birth stems from a fear of your ability to birth rather than birth itself and If you are carrying a fear of your ability to birth, you are carrying a lack of confidence in yourself. If you fear losing control, not getting to birth the way you want to birth, again this stems from a lack of belief in yourself and your support, not of birth itself. With the rights tools, information and support this can be changed.


We all have the opportunity to make choices, be they good ones or bad ones, they are still ours. We have all made poor choices at times, and we need to forgive ourselves for that, but we can only do that if we accept responsibility for them. Taking responsibility for your feeling now and choosing to get the help and support you need to change them is a good choice, but it is yours to make, and by making the choice to put the time and effort into sorting your shit out before you have a baby is in my opinion a great investment for not only you, but for your child. You will be their world very soon, you will be their everything, why not choose to do that coming from a place of strength and confidence.


I want to help you feel good about yourself, feel good about your birth. I pull from many different methods be it healing past trauma, be it through holistic body work, be it through coaching and mindset work, be it through education, I pull from all areas to help and support you be the confident person you want to be during pregnancy birth and beyond.


Use your birth as a catalyst for your own personal growth, book a free clarity call with me to find out what I can do for you, message me to book your place, and take your 1st steps towards feeling great about your birth, and yourself.


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