Using your Brain to birth well!

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by Persephone Moir


Having a baby, why you need to use your noggin!!




My nan used to love that saying, “use your noggin” Whenever I had a problem that I couldn’t work out she would pull it out, she wouldn’t let me get away with not thinking about it, working it out for myself, because by doing it for myself I got the satisfaction of achievement, and I really understood what I was doing.


 It did used to get annoying sometimes, when I was tired, or unmotivated I could have done with a bit more help, a bit more support perhaps, I don’t think we always have to battle on alone, but that is what comes of being brought up by strong independent women!!


So how does my little anecdote relate to you and your positive birth?


I always say that to experience a positive birth it isn’t how you birth, but how you feel about your birth, and one of the best ways to feel positive and empowered is to feel in control, informed, making the choices that need to be made at every twist and turn of your birth in a calm way.


So use your noggin, or in other words your BRAIN. There is a great acronym that is used for decision making in everyday life, and it is just as relevant to your birth!


B- Benefits: What are the benefits of what you are being offered?


R- Risks: What are the risks of what you are being offered?


A- Alternatives: What are the alternatives available to you?


I- Instinct: What does your instinct tell you to do?


N- Nothing: Do nothing. This is always an option, but again you would run through the BRAIN acronym to identify the benefits and risks of this.


Let me give you an example of how this works.


You are having your baby in hospital, labour has been long and slow, you are tired, you really wanted a natural low intervention birth, but things just aren’t going the way you planned.


You are offered an epidural.


What would be the benefit of an epidural? An escape from this constant endless cycle of pain, the ability to get some sleep, escape from the situation.


What would be the risk of an epidural? You will be immobile, probably laying on your back, limiting the space for your baby to move down. By laying on your back you may well limited the blood and oxygen supply to both your uterus and baby, slowing labour more and possibly putting baby into distress. When it comes to pushing this will be far more difficult as you can’t feel anything from the waist down!


Is there an alternative? How about trying the birth pool, keeping your position active yet resting. The warm water can provide relief from the pain. How about using some hypnotherapy techniques to relax your body to enable some rest. Re fuel, re hydrate, massage.


What does your intuition tell you???


What if you do nothing? By doing nothing you will continue to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Some sort of action is required, but it doesn’t have to be an epidural right now.


So this is just an example, it may not mean you don’t get an epidural in time, but if at a later time you decide using the same acronym that the benefits out way the risks and there is no alternative for you then you will feel empowered by your choice.


And it is this that is important. How you feel about the choices made surrounding your birth. How you feel you were treated. By taking the time to make decisions surrounding your birth in a calm and considered way you will feel in control, you will feel calm, and those around you are more likely to treat you with the respect that you deserve.


So when it comes to your birth, as my Nan would say, use your noggin, or use your BRAIN


If you would like to feel confident and calm going into your birth then joyful coaching can help you feel this way. By understanding the process of birth, by understanding your rights, by having an armoury of techniques available to you from active birthing to hypnobirthing you can feel confident, you can birth your way, and you can absolutely rock your birth!


If you would like to know more about how I can help you feel great about your birth why not book a free clarity call, email me to book your place now and take your 1st steps towards a positive fulfilling birth.

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