Antenatal birth preparation classes in cornwall and devon

Positive birth group work

I am also available to do positive birth group workshops, you can book me for your pregnancy yoga or aquanatal group, or perhaps just a group of friends who all happen to be pregnant!

Pulling from my background as an active birth teacher I still enjoy working with small groups to inspire and inform on a more general level about active positive birth for all.

If you are a member of a pregnancy group, or perhaps run your own pregnancy yoga, Pilates or relaxation group you can now book me for a fun and informative joyful birth ante natal preparation session. The sessions are based around the ‘Janet Balaskas active birth workshops’ and they will further enhance the learning within your group, looking more in depth into birth, the why’s, how’s, when’s and what if’s.

These workshops are a great opportunity to get the other half more involved, because it really does take 2 to tango!

Group sessions are 3 hours long, can be held at your usual place of meeting and are charged per couple at £80 each.

Antenatal natural birth preparation classes in cornwall and devon

What is included?


Usually, if undisturbed, relaxed and in the best environment for the woman birth progresses well and without complications, but to truly embrace the wonder of birth we first need to demystify it so in the group sessions we will look at birth physiology, hormonal process and how to work with it not against it. Using a large wall chart that is added to throughout the session by both myself and the group it is a great visual tool that clearly and easily illustrates what to expect during birth, what may be felt both physically and emotionally. This visual aid will really help make sense of birth!


This workshop offers up the best resources available to increase the possibility of a problem free natural birth. Birth preparation isn’t just about learning to ‘cope with pain’ it is about understanding what is happening and why, this way you will be able to make calm and informed choices. By practicing labour and birth positions, you will begin to understand why being active is important, I will even provide tape measures so you can measure the increase in your pelvic outlet (that’s the bony bit the baby needs to get through!) when in optimal positions. By practicing relaxation and massage techniques, breathing and self-hypnosis with your partner you will both become the experts of your own birth! We will also look at the sometimes overlooked important 3rd stage of birth, the placenta, and post-natal rest and recovery.

Antenatal natural birth preparation workshops in cornwall and devon


After attending a group workshop you can get my continued support in my facebook group where I am available to answer questions and offer up solutions and support.

By the end of the session you will:

  • Anticipate a positive birth experience feeling excitement not fear.
  • Be well informed and brilliantly prepared for your baby’s birth.
  • Birth calmly and comfortably.
  • Find the right coping and calming techniques for you in birth and beyond.
  • Be flexible in your birth approach.

An added bonus if you would like to do further 121 work with me in a private coaching session you will get the £40 off of the cost of a private session. We will work deeper into your own birth plans, do more work on what you are interested in, look deeper into your own personal thoughts, fears or anxieties, and work through them together..

¨By taking your classes both my husband and I were able to feel very knowledgeable about what was to happen at our baby's birth. For me personally, much of what I was fearful about was the unknown since this was my first baby. The classes helped educate us in a calm and interactive way allowing us to ease into and inform us of what we were going to experience as opposed to being told what a scary and painful experience giving birth is. Being able to discuss my fears with both Seph and the other couples really helped. 10 out of 10 would recommended!¨ - Amelia & Justin

¨Adam and I felt so lucky to have been able to go to your class. We know you were a God-send for us. I don't think I would have been able to do a 20 hour natural birth of a 9 lb 9 oz baby without your help. I have already referred 1 person to your class, and we are telling everyone how great your active birth techniques are.¨ - Felicity & Adam