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Healing Anxiety in Pregnancy

Sometimes pregnancy, birth and parenthood can be so affected by anxiety and/or trauma that it can have serious effects on how you live your life, your ability to thrive and grow.

You are filled with the joy and wonderment that is being pregnant. This is what you want, and you are so happy to be pregnant, but it is all tinged with an underlying worry. Your responses to everything surrounding the pregnancy and birth appear extreme and somehow over the top.

Friends and family know you can be a worry gut, but even they are starting to find it hard to understand your extreme responses.

Anxiety in pregnancy is a big deal, and it can seriously mar your overall enjoyment of this special time, and have negative implications for the positive birth you so desperately want, but fear to dream of in case it does not happen.

You do not have to accept feeling like this. Anxiety is often connected to previous events or experiences, and by releasing yourself from the emotions connected to these events you can move forwards free of anxiety and fear, feeling stronger and more able to cope.

Worry will never change the outcome

Worry doesn’t change the outcome, but sometimes these feelings are beyond our control. Our brain can hold on to emotions from past events and respond without us even realising. It becomes such a natural and normal feeling to be anxious and worried that we may not even recognise the trigger.

Having trained in the powerful REWIND technique to help people overcome birth trauma I find myself increasingly using this technique with women who are suffering from anxiety connected to events not only birth related. A traumatic birth is an obvious trigger for anxiety during pregnancy but miscarriage, abuse and bullying are also common.

The REWIND technique involves deep relaxation using hypnosis, followed by a guided recall and reframing of events. It is completely safe, and is done in a supportive healing environment.

To put it simply, if you have experienced something that has made you feel fear and a loss of control that can imprint on you. The symptoms of post traumatic stress may include nightmares, panic attacks, depression, flashbacks and of course anxiety.

Trauma is a psychological injury not an illness, and as such it needs to be healed, and the REWIND technique can do just this.

If you want to be free from the grip of your pregnancy anxiety then contact me today, we can have a chat and work out if the REWIND technique will be effective for you.