Private Birth and Antenatal Coaching workshops Cornwall and Devon nr Bodmin Moor and Launceston

Private Birth Coaching

To begin with, massive congratulations on your pregnancy! At the beginning I bet 40 weeks seemed like a really long time, and let’s face it just getting through the day with the nausea and the tiredness was pretty hellish, but you did it, you are in the glowing bit (well, kind of glowing!) As you are getting bigger it’s to get more real now. Those little feet tip tapping on your bladder and elbows getting under your ribcage are going to have to come out one way or the other, and that is not filling you with feelings of joy!

You are doing ok, but you have this niggling thing bothering you, and the closer it is getting the more the niggling worry is there, and that worry is starting to keep you awake at night, it creeps into your thoughts constantly, and you know you need to be positive, all the books say that you need to be positive, but your current reality is…

Private Birth and Antenatal Coaching workshops Cornwall and Devon

“This baby is coming out one way or another, and the thought is terrifying!”

Birth is a really important stepping stone to becoming mum to a new child, it is the stepping stone to changing your life dynamic in a pretty huge way, and it has the potential to be transformative in so many positive ways. It is an actual baby coming out of your body and into your life, and yes you do need to be positive, and calm and confident, but to get to that place that you know and want to be in you will need to do some work, you will need support, you will need information to make the right choices for you so that the birth you get is a positive and empowered birth!

There are many options out there to help you prepare for birth, from books and dvd’s, downloads and clever apps, group classes and private classes, how do you know which is for you? Locally most areas will have nct, and the free ante natal classes at the childrens centre, but if you are feeling anxious and worried you may not feel up to talking about your fears and anxieties with a group of strangers! Hypnobirthing sounds kind of cool, and has much evidence to support it, but if you never really got the hang of that quiet meditation stuff, it may not appeal to you, and really it feels like it isn’t just about preparing for birth, coping with birth, it isn’t that you feel you just need to learn a magic technique, it feels deeper than that… and was that seriously a picture of a clay vagina on the webpage??

Private Birth and Antenatal Coaching workshops in Cornwall nr Bodmin Moor and Launceston

“This is the birth preparation you need to feel confident and prepared.”

You can have the best, personalised, ‘created just for you’ birth preparation, a complete antenatal package that goes above and beyond. Focused on you, your birth and your needs. Learn the skills that will work for you, discover powerful solutions for the worries and anxieties you and your partner have, creating a safe space to ask the questions you have, no matter how personal they may be or silly they may seem, the opportunity to work through previous experiences that haunt you. Solid practical advice on how to experience a positive empowered pregnancy and birth.

Private Birth and Antenatal Coaching workshops Cornwall and Devon

“Honest, down to earth evidence based preparation that will lead you towards a positive birth wherever and however you choose to birth”

As a pre and post-natal therapist I have a number of ways in which I can help and support you, offering a continuity of care from pregnancy, through birth and beyond into the post-natal period. I specialise in treating anxiety and trauma using powerful tools taken from hypnotherapy and NLP. I always start with how you are feeling, what your fears and worries are, but also on how you would like to feel, how you would like to see your future. We look at what strengths and weaknesses you bring to the birthing room. And then working with a variety of mind-set techniques and relaxation techniques we start on the journey of utilising your strengths, releasing you from your fears and giving you the tools to stay calm and focussed. But uniquely I also include with this the vital education you need to understand birth and go into it feeling empowered and informed, ready to be actively involved in all the decisions that need to be made along the journey. You will feel informed, free from fear, confident and wonderfully supported.

Private birth coaching can be held in your own home or at my beautiful studio in Bolventor. Some couples find it better to be away from home and their distractions, whereas others find the option of birth education and coaching in their own homes far more convenient, perfect for the busy parents to be. Being pregnant in Devon and Cornwall has its own challenges, we have a less 9-5 lifestyle, often working weekends and evenings, other birth or antenatal preparation choices such as NCT and NHS antenatal classes are often inconvenient. I offer a great deal of flexibility as to when I see you, daytime or evening, weekdays or weekends, ideal for couples who already have children. If childcare is challenging I have run very successful coaching sessions with children around, or can come later in the evening once the kids are in bed, and I don’t mind if you are in your paint spattered clothes as you are desperately trying to finish getting the house sorted! I work around your needs, I provide you with everything you need to feel totally prepared and confident for you birth.

Private Birth and Antenatal Coaching workshops in Cornwall nr Bodmin Moor and Launceston

What do you get in a session?

Everything that you personally need to feel confident in your upcoming birth.

Prior to our meeting we will have talked on the phone to work out the best package for your needs.

Sessions may include:

  • Birth de brief
  • Fear release
  • Birth trauma recovery
  • Mind set exercises
  • Goal setting
  • Affirmative daily action plan
  • Active birth guidance (This is taken from my training with Janet Balaskas, and is an in depth birth preparation tool)
  • Birth education (understanding of the why’s and how’s of birth)
  • Practical guidance on natural birthing skills
  • A concise and easy to understand birth planning tool to help you understand all your choices and options

As well as continued guidance and support so you can keep up the good work after the session.

From this you will gain clarity of your fears and have a plan of action to deal with them, you will be released from the hold of fear and anxiety connected to previous experiences, you will have an understanding of your choices and the options available to you. You will also have an understanding of why this is all so important within the process of birth. I always include in these sessions practical guidance on using the breath to relax, and techniques to help you stay calm and focussed. We will discuss in depth your birth plan. All this is backed up with your own personalised e book that I create specifically for you and your particular needs.

The skills that I utilise and that I teach to you are taken from hypnotherapy, NLP, Active birth, Mindfulness and mind-set techniques, as well as my years of experience in holistic massage, nutrition and energy work such as reflexology.

The continuity of care is given by being available to answer any questions you may have, up to and beyond your birth. Further coaching sessions can be arranged, often people find a 2nd session really useful to fine tune the techniques I have shown you, and to work through some of the thoughts that may have come up through the mind-set work I get you doing. I am also available in my capacity as a massage therapist, this is a wonderful way to keep connected and supported in a safe and nurturing environment.

The sessions are a good balance between understanding yourself, and understanding birth. I firmly believe it is this balance that will enable you to have the positive birth you deserve, one doesn’t work so well without the other.

“We will work on what you need and want to work on.”

All sessions are focused on you and your needs. If you have a strong view on the birth that you want, we will work on that, we will create the best plan of action for you, and we will also do work on releasing that strong attachment, as this can cause you anxiety and worry. By learning a deep trust in your own self, your own body and those around you supporting and truly understanding you, there will be a freedom to explore your options openly and without fear so we can create the best ABC plan for you and your positive birth.

“It is ok to feel nervous or anxious about your birth, it is a big deal, and nobody said it would be easy, but by putting in the work, by getting the support you need you are putting value on yourself and your birth, and you will get beyond anxiety to a place of strength and confidence.”

The sessions are charges at an hourly rate of £40 per hour.

Private coaching can range from 3-6 hours as standard.

4 hour + sessions are discounted by 15%

I charge mileage to do sessions at your home.