Antenatal natural birth preparation workshops in cornwall and devon


¨Just thought I'd drop you a quick email to say thank you for your support during the time leading up to the birth of my daughter. I feel like I achieved what I was after and am so pleased and proud of myself. (Fearful of a long 2nd labour ending up in hospital after a traumatic 1st labour)¨  - Zoe

¨Thank you, even though I didn’t go through labour your techniques of breathing/visualising and the little ‘mediation’ or zoning out helped me get through the fear of the surgery (emergency c section at 35 weeks)¨  - Beth

¨…just perfect really, thanks so much for all your help and encouragement and the amazing massage, it really helped! (Finally got the home waterbirth they had always wanted, baby number 3)¨  - Linzi

¨Thank you for all your helpful words about it all, I am now feeling positive about my upcoming birth (1st baby, felt unprepared and fearful)¨  - Hayley

¨Seph's workshop absolutely transformed both me and my husband's perception of what birth can be in all its forms, be it home birth, birthing centre or hospital. Her down-to-earth approach unpicks the science and presents a holistic and highly practical perception of how to take control of the birthing process and reduce the likelihood of intervention. (1st baby, looking for coping strategies as unsure if partner would be at birth…he was!)¨  - Rachel

¨Each contraction brings me closer to meeting my baby, that’s what you told me and that got me through to the end, one contraction at a time, thank you so much for these wise words (baby number 3, most positive birth so far)¨  - Phillipa

¨A real eye opener. There is a place for us blokes in the whole process and I realised that I'm needed before, during and after birth. The course structure was gentle and understanding to someone like me who had a lot of blanks to fill in. I feel much better equipped now to be supportive and most of all THERE with my wife when birth happens. I would say it's essential that couples attend the course together, as it's a voyage of discovery on which you make many decisions and articulate preferences you wouldn't necessarily talk about. Great course, thanks Seph! (1st time dad did not want to have any part of the birth, became my 1st Daddy Doula and passed with flying colours!)¨  - Fred